Senators Sports and Entertainment

Senators Sports and Entertainment is the corporation behind the Ottawa Senators NHL hockey team dedicated to delivering memorable entertainment experiences, building a stronger community and creating fans for life.

At Senators Sports and Entertainment we recognized that digital technologies were provoking significant changes in how we communicated with fans and how they expected to do business with us, but also how we leveraged technology to manage costs, grow revenues and create efficiencies. Isabelle at Stratford Managers Corporation was an important catalyst in helping the organization develop a strategic framework to address these opportunities. She worked with us to assess the organization’s digital readiness, align the executive team around a common vision, and establish a comprehensive digital strategy to support our corporate goals, improve our business.

The Plan

The SSE decided to embark on a systematic review of its current digital strategy with the goal of drastically improving the fan and customer experience.

The Solution

Stratford Managers kicked off the transformation by conducting a Digital Maturity Assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses in those areas proven to drive digital performance: data and analytics, digital operations, people and culture and customer experience followed by a strategic planning exercise. From that, an 18 month roadmap was developed to identify and evaluate major initiatives that would create the most value to the business and the fans. Finally, a cross-collaborative leadership team was created along with new business processes to help manage the customer experience and digital technology investments.


Due to the team effort between Senators Sports and Entertainment and Stratford Managers, the organization now has a holistic enterprise digital strategy that is being executed across all digital channels and various lines of business, one that is enabling an improved fan experience, operational efficiencies and revenue growth. Stratford continues to work with the leadership team to identify and assess strategic opportunities as well as review progress against goals.