OneEleven Works with Stratford to Protect its IP and Brand, Increasing Company Defensibility and Value

OneEleven is home to a community of high-performing technology scaleups, providing them with unparalleled access to a highly-curated peer network, investment capital, best-in-class partners, on-demand services, and strategic support. Designed to help businesses successfully navigate periods of substantial growth, OneEleven brings everything founders need to their doorstep, saving them time so they can focus on growth.

Founded in November 2013 in partnership with OMERS Ventures,

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), and Ryerson University, OneEleven has locations in Toronto, Ottawa, and London, England, and with New York to follow.

Stratford helped OneEleven think about IP from two perspectives – both protecting what they own and not infringing on others… as early in the product development process as possible.

“What drew us to Stratford is how they look at IP management in a comprehensive way. They look at Intellectual Property through a business lens. We believe that building a defensible product will reduce potential rework later on and increase your business value going forward. Stratford thinks about IP from the beginning to the end of product development and that’s what our members need.”

John Mavriyannakis, Chief Operating Officer OneEleven

In 2018, OneEleven was ready to expand its brand – and needed a comprehensive IP strategy to protect it in this important work

In 2018, OneEleven sought to expand beyond its flagship Toronto location. As part of its search into new cities, it realized a need to protect its Intellectual Property (IP) rights. In particular, to develop and implement a structured and proactive IP strategy to help maximize successful future worldwide protection. Having worked with Stratford’s strategy consulting and advisory services, OneEleven retained its IP Management Team to lead this work.

Stratford leads OneEleven through a comprehensive IP analysis and trademark protection process

Since 2018, Stratford has collaborated with OneEleven through regular virtual and in-person meetings relating to the various services OneEleven offers. An overarching agenda drives discussions on current business topics, which leads to more specific meetings with individual subject matter experts within Stratford. The IP initiative and trademark filing strategy came out of one of these overarching business discussions.

Stratford reviewed OneEleven's website and marketing literature, recommending the filing of numerous trademarks for the words and phrases OneEleven used regularly. Specifically, Stratford advised how the company could leverage and register their company name as a trademark to supplement their current use of it as tradename. Filing OneEleven’s trademarks at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office was the first stage in this process, followed by similar filings in other jurisdictions. As a result, OneEleven has a defensible product and brand that increases company value.